Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) Root Trainers

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Our Honeysuckle Root Trainers for sale are priced per individual plant. This product has a minimum quantity of 10 plants. Our Honeysuckle Root Trainers are 9cm deep

All our plants are native British wildflowers grown from wild seed in our sustainable nursery.

Common Name:  Honeysuckle

Latin Name: Lonicera periclymenum

Description:  A deciduous climber with grey-green oval shaped leaves. The flowers on honeysuckle are usually creamy white, pink or light yellow, and trumpet shaped, giving off an unmistakable sweet scent, most noticeable late evening and at night. The flowers are followed by bunches of red berries which ripen in Autumn and are often eaten by wild birds during the winter months. Honeysuckle can be found in woodland and hedgerows, and can be found in many gardens throughout the UK climbing up walls if trained.

Flower Colour: White/yellow flushed with pink.

Flowering Times: July to September

Plant Height: 200-800cm.

Management:  The Honeysuckle plant will grow in sun or semi shade. It does not like waterlogged conditions. It is best grown up a wall, hedge or tree due to its climbing nature.

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