Welcome to our new website

Cumbria Wildflowers

Welcome to our new website - we hope you enjoy it!

As Spring approaches, we've been designing and testing our new website. We have a fresh new look online shop with more wildflower and habitat options. Over the next few months we will be adding more useful information for your Wildflower needs, and looking at new topics within the wonderful world of wildflowers. We are continually adding and improving our range of native Wildflower Plugs, Seeds and Bulbs. We are also working with more landowners and nature conservation agencies to provide quality, native wild seed and work with them to continue to restore natural habitats.

Our ethos
Our ethos is to minimise our impact on our planets ecosystems and undertake measures to mitigate that impact. As such sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to encourage everyone to grow wildflowers and plant habitats but also consider ways to reduce, re-use, re-cycle or repair our resources. By striving and achieving a reduced impact we will hopefully repair the damage we have caused to the environment. We want to protect and enhance our natural habitats, not just for our children's children but also as a duty to be good stewards to manage these sensitive ecosystems and its wildlife.

We want to hear from you
We would be very grateful for your feedback on what you think of the new website.

We would also welcome thoughts on what other plants may be of interest to you.

Also we hope you will join us in reducing the use of single use plastics and be partners in our campaign to Lets Beat Plastic. Please send us your thoughts on what more we could do.

Let's work together
If you do get in touch with some new ideas we would be happy to offer a discount voucher off your next purchase. Please let us know your stories or ideas.

Thank you

Jonathan Rook



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Monday, 01 June 2020