Buyers Guide

When buying native plants we strongly recommend you know the source of the seeds used to grow the plant. At Cumbria Wildflowers we use true UK native seed which we have harvested or collected from the many wild habitats sites across the UK. Most of our seed comes from High Wildlife Sites such as Natures Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's). We also work with farmers and landowners who are in Agri-Environmental Schemes managing land for wildlife. Next you want to consider if the plants are healthy and grown in suitable conditions. Our Nursery is registered with DEFRA under the Plant Passport Scheme and as such we are inspected twice a year for pest & diseases. We also have to self-notify if there are any issues with our plug plants or bulbs. This gives confidence that the plants are healthy and free from disease (Note - all wildflowers do have some blemishes, spots and so on which is normal). Our nursery is also a sustainable, peat free and largely organically run and we endeavour to reduce of impact on the planet. We use coir base and our own blended recycled compost. We aim to be fully self-sufficient in re-cycled compost and looking to add leafmold and mycorrhizal fungi. Next you need to know the size and age of the plug plant. Our standard plugs are larger than many offered on the internet, they are also over 8 months which means they have a well-developed root area. These two points are important when you consider which plants to purchase as smaller and younger plugs, although cheaper, may not survive as well being planted out. Finally, we hope that one key decision in your purchase decision is to support us in trying to reduce plastic and reduce packaging. We are striving to be plastic free in our packaging and we use re-cycled cardboard, vegetable inks and locally grown straw to protect the plug plants. We hope soon all our packaging will be fully compostable so there is no waste just your plants and free compost! All our orders come with planting and/or sowing information which we hope is helpful. If you require more information about what we are doing at Cumbria Wildflowers please contact us.