Northern Marsh orchid (Dactylorhiza purpurella) 7cm pots

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All our orchids are true UK native species. These orchids come in 7cm pots. Northern marsh orchid has an association with a mycorrhizal fungi and this ensures the plants survival therefore we highly recommend planting the orchids with the soil they come in.

NOTE- These orchids come in 7cm pots. Our Northern Marsh Orchid plants are for sale priced per individual plant. We have a minimum quantity of 1 orchid plant. For orders over 20 plants please contact us.

These plants die back in the winter and over winter as a rhizome.

All our plants are native British wildflowers grown from wild seed in our sustainable nursery.

Common name : Northern Marsh orchid

Latin : Dactylorhiza purpurella

Description : The Northern Marsh orchid is a low growing orchid that produces a dense purple flower spike with green leaves. It is found mainly in wet ground such as wet gardens, fenland, on the edge of ponds and wet woodland areas. It is more common across the uplands of the UK, being found more frequently in northern England, Wales and Scotland, with only a scattered distribution elsewhere in the UK.

Height : 15-30cm

Flowering time : May - June

Colour : Flower is medium purple with darker purple marking on the lobe. Leaves are a dark green with no spots but occasional streak markings.

Management : The Northern Marsh orchid prefers moist soils and will do well being cut after it has flowered. It does best in open areas but will cope with partial shade. 

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