Common Mallow (Malva sylvestris) plug plants

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Our Common Mallow plug plants for sale are priced per plant. This product has a minimum quantity of 10 plug plants. For orders over 500 plug plants please contact us. All our plants are native british wildflowers grown from wild seed in our sustainable nursery.

Common Name:  Common Mallow

Latin Name: Malva sylvestris

Description:  A plant that has long stalks with prominent white hairs, with alternate leaves on long petioles along the stems. These leaves can be up to 6cm across.  Occasionally, a short flowering stalk (peduncle) about 1" long will occur above the leaf axils, each stalk producing 1-3 flowers. In the centre of the flower, there is a central reproductive column. Each flower is replaced by a fruit that has a wheel-like shape in which the flat seeds are aligned in a circular row. The outer edge of these seeds is often hairy. The Common Mallow is found on roadsides, banks and waste places as well as woodland verges.

Flower Colour:  Pink, Light violet, or white with pale violet lines along the flower length.

Flowering Times:  June-September

Plant Height:  60cm-100cm

Management: The Common Mallow plant grows in open, (well drained), nutrient-rich soil, such as the edges of fields, waste ground, and near housing and farms. Common Mallow spreads by reseeding itself.

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