Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) Partially cleaned.

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Yellow Rattle price quoted per gram. This product has a minimum quantity of 10 grams. For orders over 10 Kilos please contact us.

We recommend sowing yellow rattle between 2-4g per m2 depending on your site conditions. The sowing rate could be reduced down to 1g per m2 for larger fields or if you don't want dense yellow rattle in your sward. All our yellow rattle seed has been harvested from wildflower meadows (some SSSI sites) throughout Cumbria, North England and South West Scotland. This yellow rattle seed is termed "partially cleaned" having gone through our specialist Seed Seperators (or Cleaning machines) up to 4 times. This creates a product that has an average of 95-96% seperated seed with only a small amount of chaff, tiny stem and fruit casing. We have reflected this in the price to keep costs low without affecting the availability of yellow rattle seed in your order. We GUARANTEE that the weight of seed you have purchased will be the weight of Yellow Rattle seed ordered. We believe this provides a cost effective alternative to "cleaned" yellow rattle seed.

All our plants are native British wildflowers grown from wild seed in our sustainable nursery

Common Name:  Yellow rattle

Latin Name: Rhinanthus minor

Description: So-called for the rattle produced by the ripe, papery seed-pods, yellow rattle is widespread across the UK and Ireland. It inhabits areas of lime-rich grassland, particularly in damper areas and in the west and north. It produces bright yellow flowers from May through July.

Flower Colour: Yellow

Flowering Times: May to July

Plant Height: 10-50cm


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