The Story of True Cumbrian Wordsworth Daffodils

In the verdant tapestry of English literature, few images are as enduring and evocative as William Wordsworth's "Daffodils." With its timeless depiction of nature's beauty, Wordsworth's poem captures the essence of the English countryside and the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. Yet, amidst the poetic resonance of Wordswo...

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Embracing the Arrival of Spring: A Blooming Overview

As the warmth of spring begins to permeate the air, it's the perfect moment to step outdoors and witness the first blooms of the year while gearing up for the upcoming season! Let's dive into a quick overview of the floral wonders that February brings: February Blooms: A Symphony of Colours Snowdrops, Winter Aconites, and non-native Daffodils take ...

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Come and Join Us

We have 2 exciting opportunities. Join us and be part of our vibrant nursery team. From seed sowing to potting on, your passion for horticulture will bloom in this role. Whether you're seeking full-time stability or part-time flexibility, we have the perfect position for you. 1. CONSERVATION & HORTICULTURAL NURSERY WORKER Cumbria Wildflowers is...

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Celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day: Tips to Embrace Our Furry Garden Friends

It's January 21st, it's time to rally around our beloved bushy-tailed companions—the squirrels! Spread across five continents, these furry entertainers bring joy to countless lives. This Squirrel Appreciation Day, Christy Hargrove, the founder behind this celebration, encourages everyone to extend their love by offering extra nourishment and learni...

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Discovering a Greener and Wildlife-Friendly Christmas

The festive season is synonymous with celebration – exchanging gifts, adorning our homes with sparkle and cheer, and indulging in sumptuous feasts. However, is it possible to partake in these traditions while being mindful of our planet and wallets? Each year, the UK witnesses a 30% surge in waste production during Christmas, contributing to a stag...

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Choosing and Preserving the Perfect Real Christmas Tree

The festive season is upon us, and there's nothing quite like the aroma of a real Christmas tree to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Many families embrace the tradition of selecting a real tree, but choosing the right one and keeping it fresh throughout the festive season can be a bit of a challenge. At Cumbria Wildflowers, we understand th...

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Crafting a Wildlife-Friendly, Plastic-Free Wreath: A Step-by-Step Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to welcome guests into your home than with a beautifully crafted wreath adorning your door? This year, why not take a mindful approach to your decorations and create a plastic-free wreath that not only adds festive charm but also benefits the environment and local wildlife? In this blog post, we wi...

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Why Winter Isn't the Best Time for Sowing Wildflower Seeds: A Guide to Successful Gardening

When it comes to nurturing a vibrant garden, timing is everything. As winter settles in, many gardening enthusiasts might be itching to sow wildflower seeds and transform their outdoor spaces into colourful havens. While the enthusiasm is commendable, it's crucial to understand that not all seasons are conducive to this process, especially winter. ...

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Wood Cranesbill: Lynn's Chosen Marvel

At Cumbria Wildflowers, every petal tells a story, and Lynn, one of our esteemed staff members, has chosen Wood Cranesbill (Geranium sylvaticum) as her favourite wildflower. Also known as Geranium sylvaticum in the language of botany, this enchanting bloom holds a special place in our heart. Nature has bestowed upon us a myriad of beautiful and fas...

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Bonfire Night: Celebrating Safely for Wildlife and Wildflowers

Bonfire Night, a beloved tradition, lights up the autumn sky with dazzling displays of fireworks and roaring bonfires. However, amidst the festivities, it's essential to consider the impact on our wildlife and wildflowers. At Cumbria Wildflowers, we're passionate about preserving our natural habitats. Here are some insights into how Bonfire Night c...

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Celebrating World Cities Day: Shaping the Future, Transforming Lives

In the bustling tapestry of our global society, cities stand as the vibrant threads that weave together cultures, ideas, and aspirations. They are the epicentres of innovation, culture, and progress. Recognising the pivotal role that cities play in our lives, World Cities Day was established by the United Nations to promote the international commun...

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Sustainability Day 2023: Cultivating a Greener Future with Cumbria Wildflowers

As the crisp autumn leaves begin to fall and the air turns cooler, we are reminded of the beauty and resilience of our planet. At Cumbria Wildflowers, we believe in the power of nature to inspire change and promote a sustainable future. On Sustainability Day 2023, we join hands with eco-conscious individuals and organisations worldwide to celebrate...

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Celebrating National Reptile Awareness Day: Embracing the Diversity of Cumbria's Reptilian Residents

At Cumbria Wildflowers, we believe in the power of nature to inspire and educate. Today, we're thrilled to celebrate National Reptile Awareness Day, a dedicated occasion that invites us to delve into the world of these remarkable creatures. From secretive snakes to sunbathing lizards, reptiles are an essential part of Cumbria's diverse ecosystem. J...

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Meet Lindell & the Charm of Self-Heal: Lindell's Wildflower Passion

In the heart of our wildflower nursey, there blooms a wildflower that captures not only the essence of nature's beauty but also the hearts of those who appreciate its delicate charm – the Self-Heal. Among our dedicated staff members, Lindell stands out as an ardent admirer of this enchanting wildflower. With its vibrant hues and remarkable healing ...

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World Habitat Day 2023: Building Resilient Urban Economies

Every year, on the first Monday of October, the world comes together to celebrate World Habitat Day. This special day marks the beginning of Urban October, a month dedicated to raising awareness about urbanisation and its impact on our lives. Since its inception in 1986, World Habitat Day has been observed in various countries, each year focusing o...

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