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Our wildflower plug plants and wildflower seeds are for sale all year round. All plants for sale are Guaranteed UK/ British Wildflower species (not brought in from mainland Europe as some do). Our plants can be planted all year round (excluding frosty days or heatwaves) BUT we recommend plug planting from March to October to give them the best start. We provide a planting advice sheet with every order and recommend you give some thought to what species of plant you are buying, where you intend to plant them and how you are going to manage the land afterwards. 

We harvest wild seed from a wide range of habitats. This seed we dry and use to grow our plug plants, with the surplus seed offered for sale in our native seed mixes. We grow our plants in PEAT FREE compost with organic fertiliser. Our nursery uses biological methods to control pests and we are always experimenting with companion planting techniques, as well as striving to reduce our use of plastics. We are passionate about growing native wildflowers and we want to encourage planting UK native wildflowers in gardens, estates, on farmland or even window boxes!

We aim to deliver your plants within 1-2 working days from purchase via Courier. Please note before sending we have to inspect for plant condition, plant health and dry off the plants before we dispatch them to you. This may mean at certain times of the year, especially winter, we may take a little longer to send them to you. Please note that these are native plants as as such will have blemishes and occasionally marks on leaves.

We are on facebooktwitter and instagram where you can keep up to date with whats happening at our nursery and our work. Please follow our pages and share in our passion for wildflowers, wildlife and nature conservation. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping you with your wildflower project. Jonathan Rook - Owner, Plant Grower and mad about wildflowers

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