Plant Sizes

Most of our plants are grown in our standard plug size.

Our standard plugs are 65cc plugs (measures 50mm x36mm x 62mm high).

We also grow/sell some other plants in Large Plugs (99cc), Jumbo Plus (110cc), Root trainers (125cc) and a few in 7-9cm pots. Some plants we do sell as bare root in the winter.
We are able to contract-grow in other sizes if given enough time.
PLEASE NOTE - When comparing other wildflower suppliers we recommend you check the plug size before ordering. This is because some suppliers although cheaper per plug these are much smaller in size. We recommend a minimum plug size of 55cc to give the plant a good chance of surviving planting.

Cumbria Wildflowers - Our Plant Sizes

MORE INFORMATION about our wildlfower plugs, pots and sizes

Wildflower plug plants are small plants grown in plug trays. All our plants are UK native species and we can guarantee where they come from as we harvest our seed from wild places. We work with a number of wildlife organisations and landowners to take wild seed responsibly. This seed is used to grow the plants. We have a wide range of wildflower plug plants for sale for a wide range of habitats.

All our plants are grown in PEAT FREE growing media. We have blended bracken/coir and plant based composts which ensures the plants start off in suitable growing medium. Our plugs are a minimum of 6 months old with some over 12 months. This means our plugs have a well developed root system, critical for the plant establishing once planted out. If you were to buy smaller plugs please be aware there is a higher risk of plant failure since the plants have a smaller root area. The plants are hardened off outside, which is where they a mainly grown.

All our other plant sizes are also grown in PEAT FREE growing media. We able to undertake a contract grow service where clients can request plants grown in other plant sizes and to certain specifications. Please email if interested.

You can plant all year but to give the plants the best start we recommend planting out from March to October.

Please browse the categories on our website to view our large range of stock, and add any you wish to your basket to buy online today.