About Us & Our Ethos

We are here to help at any time of the year as any wildflower field, plot, garden or area in your garden needs to be carefully planned and considered before any work can commence.

At Cumbria Wildflowers we are striving to reduce our impact on our amazing planet. We all know about the harm single use/throw away plastics cause to our marine environment. To address this we are aiming to stop using all single use plastic items and where possible re-use all our long life plastic items.

To meet this aim we have taken the bold decision to make all our packaging and boxes COMPOSTABLE. This means when we send you your plants or seeds the box and packaging can be placed on a compost heap or some items re-used.

We hope you will join us in reducing waste, especially in the online/delivery sector. Everything we have done to date and plan to do in the future has carefully considered the environment, been architecturally planned and financially considered with the overall operation of the Company in mind.


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Growing Our Plants Sustainably & Naturally

We are committed to doing our bit to reduce our impact on the planet’s resources and undertake responsible environmental practices. 

Our nursery is a peat free, sustainable nursery striving to use organic principals in all we do.  All our plants are grown in recycled garden compost and we use plant based fertilisers.

We use wildflower seed harvested from natural sites to ensure they are true wild UK native seed.

We are experimenting with companion planting and we control pests using biological methods.We encourage native insects to pollinate our plants by creating areas around the nursery for moths, butterflies, native bees and hoverflies to breed and live.

We use roof rainwater to water our plants, run solar panels for power, use a biomass boiler to heat our greenhouse and we have our own bio-digester/reedbed for the smelly stuff!!!

Our Packaging

We are striving to develop our packaging to be low carbon and 100% compostable or reusable.

In order to achieve this we use brown cardboard, bio paper tape, vegetable ink, as well as straw inside the box which is harvested locally.

We’re conscious of reducing our use of single use plastics, therefore we encourage our customers to reuse the plant trays in which the plugs have been grown and sent in.

Sustainability really is at the heart of everything we do and we are passionate about our natural environment.

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