Celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day: Tips to Embrace Our Furry Garden Friends

It's January 21st, it's time to rally around our beloved bushy-tailed companions—the squirrels! Spread across five continents, these furry entertainers bring joy to countless lives. This Squirrel Appreciation Day, Christy Hargrove, the founder behind this celebration, encourages everyone to extend their love by offering extra nourishment and learning more about these endearing creatures.

To mark this special day, the wildlife community have created a blog to be your ultimate guide, brimming with fascinating squirrel facts and invaluable tips. Whether they scamper in your garden or frolic in your outdoor spaces, understanding and appreciating their presence can elevate your connection with nature.

Winter poses a significant challenge for squirrels in the UK, mirroring the struggles of other wildlife. Scarce food sources coupled with freezing temperatures make survival an arduous task. As water sources freeze over and the ground becomes an icy barrier, squirrels face hurdles accessing their stowed-away food caches.

But fear not! There's plenty you can do to support these resilient creatures. Step outside and lend a helping hand by offering sustenance. By providing nourishment during these trying times, you become a beacon of hope for these delightful critters. And who knows? Your gesture might just be rewarded with a heart-warming acrobatic display—a squirrel's unique way of saying thank you.

Join the celebration of Squirrel Appreciation Day by delving into their blog. Discover insights on how to cherish and assist your local squirrel community, fostering a deeper connection with the nature that surrounds us. Together, let's make this day a tribute to these charming, resourceful creatures who fill our lives with endless delight!

Read the wildlife community blog here >>

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